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GIST 3: Provisional programme

Day 1: 12 May, 2011

8:30-8h50         Registration

8:50-9:00          Opening remarks

9:00-9:50          Guglielmo Cinque (University of Venice)                  "A (partial) map of nominal functional structure"

9:50-10:40         Enoch Aboh (University of Amsterdam)                  "Eliminating D"

10:40-11:00       Coffee

11:00-11:50       Jane Grimshaw (Rutgers University)                      "The place of Slifting in the English complement system"

11:50-12:40       Ur Shlonsky (University of Geneva)                       "The connection between null subjects, movement

                                                                                                   and topicalization"

12:40-14:00       Lunch break

14:00-14:50       Lieven Dankaert (Ghent University)                       "The derivation of Latin INFL-final word order"

14:50-15:30      Amélie Rocquet (Ghent University)                         "The discourse marking of φ-doubling in French" 

15:30-16:10      Karen De Clercq (Ghent University)                        "Squat, zero and no/nothing:

                                                                                                   negative polarity vs. negative scope"

16:10-16:30       Coffee                                                                                       

16:30-17:10      William Harwood (Ghent University)                      "Sink or  swim:Rescuing Floating

                                                                                                  Quantifiers and Existential Construction"

17:10-17:50      Rachel Nye (Ghent University)                               "Complementiser-like how clauses: distribution,  

                                                                                                   extraction, factivity" 

Day 2: 13 May, 2011

9:00-9:50        Pavel Caha (University of Tromsoe)                            "The ugly duckling and a graceful swan-On asymmetries in

                                                                                                      case attraction"

9:50-10:40      Jim McCloskey (U. of California, Santa Cruz)               "Polarity and Case-licensing: the Cartography of the 

                                                                                                      inflectional layer in Irish"

10:40-11:00     Coffee

11:00-11:50     Adriana Belletti (University of Siena)                          "Focus and the predicate of clefts"

11:50-12:40     Michal Starke (University of Tromsoe)                         "Syncretism as a tool to discover

                                                                                                       cartographic positions"

12:40-14:00     Lunch

14:00-14:50     Irene Franco (University of Leiden)                             "Subject requirement and optionality"

14:50-15:40     Eric Haeberli (University of Geneva)                           "Stylistic Fronting in Early English?"

15:40-16:00    Coffee

16:00-16:50    Luigi Rizzi (University of Siena)                                    "Some issues in the cartography of the

                                                                                                       left periphery"

16:50-17:00    Concluding remarks


18:00-            Social dinner at 't Klokhuys


Questions & information: reiko.vermeulen(at) and amelie.rocquet(at)