travel information

  • getting to Ghent (from Brussels National Airport or a Brussels train station)

Take a train to Ghent St-Pieters station. For information about train time tables, click here.

  • getting to Het Pand from the train station (St-Pieters): 20 minutes

Take  tram #21 in the direction of Melle Leeuw or tram #22 in the direction of Gentbrugge DC on platform 18 (outside of the train station). After about 10 minutes, get off at Oude Houtlei and walk into the Gebroeders Vandeveldestraat. The second street you encounter is Onderbergen (the first one is Sint Martensstraat). Take a left and keep walking straight. You will find the conference venue on your right, right before the street makes a left turn.

More information on how to get there: (in Dutch), or more specifically,  Fill in "Gent" in the first gap of the Vertrek frame and click on 'station'. Then fill in "Station Gent Sint Pieters" in the second gap. In the Aankomst frame fill in "Gent" again in the first gap and leave it specified on 'adres'. Then type "Onderbergen" and "1" and click on Bereken uw route.

  • getting around in Ghent

There is a good bus and tram network throughout the city (see A single ticket costs 3 euros if you buy them on the bus (you cannot buy them on the tram), but you can also buy your ticket in advance at the train station. A ticket valid for 10 rides is 14 euros and thus 50% cheaper than buying single tickets.  You will find the ticket vending machines outside the station. For a map of the tram and bus platforms, click here.

Ghent is pretty manageable on foot as well, however. All hotels suggested on this website are in the center of town, as is the conference venue. For a map of the city, click here (or many other websites).