David Adger seminar


Prof. Dr. David Adger (Queen Mary, London) will give a lecture series in Ghent, from Monday January 18 to Thursday January 21, 2010. The lectures will take place in the Rozier building (Rozier 44), room D.0.22. For information on how to get to Rozier, click here.

On Monday the lecture takes place from 2 to 5 pm. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lectures are from 10 am to 1 pm.

Anyone who is interested in attended these lectures (for free), should register by sending an email to karen.declercq(at)ugent.be.

The tentative programme for the course includes the following topics:

1. Features and feature systems and Agree (covering work by Rezac, Bejar, Svenonius, Adger, Preminger,  etc)
2. Kinds of Merge (External vs Internal, Multiply rooted trees, labelling algorithms, sideways movement, feature passing systems: Chomsky, Citko, Nunes, etc)
3. Syntax and morphology (head movement vs remnant movement accounts, mirror theory: Roberts, Brody, etc)
4. Phasal architecture and interpretation (edge features, phasal transference, transfer to phonology and to semantics: Selkirk/Kratzer, Kahnemuyipour, Adger etc)


For more information: karen.declercq(at)ugent.be