Rick Nouwen Semantics Seminar

Prof. Dr. Rick Nouwen (University of Utrecht, UiL/OTS) will give a lecture series in Ghent, from Monday 28th February until Friday 4th March 2011. The course will serve as an introduction into the major issues and theories in formal semantics. The lectures will take place in the Blandijn building (Blandijnberg 2). For information on how to get to Blandijn, click here.

The main goal of the course is to provide a thorough understanding of contemporary semantic theory. To this end, the focus will be on the
identification of entailment relations between sentences, while on the other hand introducing the formal tools used to construct an explanatory model of sentence meaning.

The exact schedule for the course is the following:

Monday Feb 28th                                       14.30-18.30h

Blandijn, Room 0.32a (Dutch linguistics)

Tuesday March 1st                                    12.00-16.00h

Blandijn, Room 2.41 (Latin & Greek)

Wednesday March 2nd                               9.00-12.30h

Blandijn, Room 0.32a (Dutch linguistics)

Thursday March 3rd                                   9.00-12.30h

Blandijn, Room 0.32a (Dutch linguistics)

Friday March 4th                                         9.00-12.30h

Blandijn, Room 0.34 (Dutch linguistics)


Participation is free, but those wishing to attend should register by sending an email to william.harwood(at)ugent.be.



Handouts for each day of the course can now be downloaded from the links below: