SLE 2012 workshop: Parallels between the clausal and nominal domain

The presentations in our workshop were the following:

  1. Introduction slot by GIST (Lobke Aelbrecht, Liisa Buelens, Tijs D'Hulster, Karen De Clercq & Rachel Nye)
  2. Giuliana Giusti - "Imperfect" parallels between nominal expressions and clauses
  3. Jan Rijkhoff - A functional-typological account of NP-clause parallels
  4. Irina Nikolaeva - On the expression of TAM on nouns
  5. Niina Ning Zhang - Parallels between auxiliaries and numeral classifiers
  6. Artemis Alexiadou, Mariangeles Cano, Gianina Iordăchioaia, Fabienne Martin and Florian Schäfer - On the realization of external arguments in nominalizations: a cross-linguistic perspective
  7. Gabriela Matos and A.M Brito - The alternattion improper indirect wh-questions and DPs containing restrictive relatives and the nominal/referential properties of CP
  8. Lena Baunaz - On the various sizes of (pro)nominal complementizers
  9. Rachel Nye and Liliane Haegeman - Presupposition in the clausal and nominal domains
  10. Kersti Börjars and Pauline Harries - The development of configurationality in Germanic clauses and noun phrases
  11. Jaklin Kornfilt - Parallels and differences between verbal and nominal clauses and nominal phrases in Turkish
  12. Maria Khachaturyan - Plurals in Mano: from nominal number to counter-expectation meaning
  13. Carlos de Cuba