Theme description

GIST is proud to announce Cartographic Structures and Beyond, to take place on 4, 5 and 6 June 2014 at Ghent University.

This three day event unites a number of senior and junior linguists whose work shares the ultimate goal of exploring how linguistic data – both diachronic and synchronic - drawn from a number of diverse languages can shed light on the general theory of language, and conversely, how linguistic theory can shed new light on the linguistic data.

One specific aim of the conference will be that of showcasing recent interdisciplinary work cutting across the domains of linguistics and psycholinguistics, focussing in particular on language acquisition, in different modes, in typical and atypical development. Other papers will explore ways of integrating constraints on movement and/or on structure building with the functional hierarchies that have been established in the cartographic tradition. The latter theme is also the focus of the FWO research project Layers of Structure and the Cartography Project at Ghent University. The PostDoc researchers involved in this research project will also be presenting their own work at this event.

Local organisers:

Liliane Haegeman

Liisa Buelens

Lieven Danckaert

Lobke Aelbrecht

Tom Parlevliet

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